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About Us

About Us

  • Why Himalayan Spirit Adventure?
  • A company always has some salient features that are relatively more distinctive from other companies that make the clients go with it. In the same way, Himalayan Spirit Adventure possesses such auras that simply answer why clients choose it.

Wide Range of Vacations

We have a wide range of vacations that suit your interest, mood and passion. Each vacation is designed technically to meet the individual’s demand. We have the vacations which range from Budget to Luxury, Family to Friends, Volunteering to Farming, and Excursion to Recreation, Easy to extreme Adventure and from Inbound to Outbound. You can just ask us to design the holiday trip as you like.

Highly Accountable Team

We believe in accountable service and do exactly the same. The highly responsible and experienced professionals are always ready to bear the tasks assigned by the company promptly. We suggest, we recommend, we guide and we serve in an authentic way that never harms the individual traveler, surrounding and the planet.


We are always flexible to work out according to the wish, time frame and budget of the travelers. Even if are already on a particular trip having all the things fixed and you need to adjust something different in it due to some unavoidable circumstances, you  still can do it. Or, you don’t completely move according to us, you can suggest, recommend and guide us too about the itinerary, cost and facilities.

 Solely Exercising Sustainable Tourism

There are very few travel companies in Nepal that they are enhancing sustainable tourism. Among these very few, Himalayan Spirit Adventure is one who whole-heartedly exercise sustainable tourism. We encourage our clients to use the local products so that the local people can strengthen their economic status via tourism. At the same time, we ask the local people to promote their local culture and civilization across the world so that they will have recognition. We do all these activities protecting the nature and the phenomenon.

Safety and Luxury is Guaranteed

You don’t need to panic and to be stressful while making Himalayan Spirit Adventure your travel partner. The team you are choosing is fully dependable that they can guarantee a complete safety and luxury. Actually, the luxury and safety are two fundamental requirements for a vacation trip then only the people who are on vacations get refreshed and are re-energized and we believe the same and do the same. It means, we do not compromise on guaranteeing safety and luxury during the time we operate a particular trip.

Individual Care

The larger the group, the better the service we have. Either you travel as a solo traveler or in a group, it doesn’t matter for us, but for us, what matters us is, if we can care the individual traveler or not. Definitely, we will do it and it is always possible because we employ very skillful and professional crew and staff in order to get to the each individual member of the trip. We do take a good of him/her, we suggest, recommend and guide to make the trip a memorable.

No Hidden Cost

We never charge extra unnecessarily. Whether the cost is little or big but matters a lot during a travel and we know this fact in a better way. Bothering travelers time and again for money is really not good. Yes, reasonable cost must be there but money is not everything for Himalayan Spirit Adventure. We illustrate the cost of every trip explicitly so that no traveler will get misled. We detest the worlds and the acts like Fraud and Scam in tourism.

Enhancing Sustainable and Eco-Tourism

We are committed to enhance sustainable and eco-tourism at the same time. We really want the economic status of the people bolstered through tourism and do the same. We have trained our team accordingly and suggest the same to our clients. Similarly, we fully ensure that we conduct every travel activity protecting the nature and the ecology. We are conscious towards environmental hazards resulted by various tourism activities. We believe that tourism activities and the ecological balance should go together, then only, there is possibility of Sustainable Tourism Development.

Responsible Tourism

We are responsible to both, our team and environment. We pay our tea well on time. We truly value their hard work and treat them accordingly. If they are doing overtime, they are paid for this too. We also conduct various skills development programs so that they can have better future.

Similarly, we are serious about the safety of our crews. They all have life insurance which covers all kind of risks during the trip. All the crews will be equipped with right and reliable equipment all over the trip. They are provided descent food and accommodation all the time.

More importantly, we are ecologically aware that we try our best to avoid environmental harms during the time we are operating our tour, trekking and other activities. Similarly, Village Development Through Tourism and Environmental Balance always  are our prime concerns.