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Why Himalayan Spirit Adventure

Why Himalayan Spirit Adventure

Himalaya spirit adventure Nepal is one of the leading and renowned trekking companies of Nepal. It has been serving its customers with different types of services to its customers according to their demands. The Himalayan spirit adventure is one of the reliable and group of the well-experienced trekking guides of Nepal. The combination of the better management and the devotion of the trekking guides have helped the Himalayan spirit adventure to be one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal. The well-facilitated services and the reliable and legal information that the Himalayan spirit adventure Nepal is providing to its customers is one of the main reasons of the satisfaction on them. Furthermore, the Himalayan spirit adventure Nepal is also providing several services to its customers according to their desire. Customers satisfaction is the main goal of Himalayan spirit adventure.

Himalayan spirit adventure is providing several services to its customers like trekking, sightseeing, bird watching, hiking, expedition, city tour, rafting, kayaking, adventure sports trekking, jungle safari, peak climbing, trekking and visiting at the Tibet and Bhutan and other numerous services according to the wish of the visitors or customers.

We are one of the reputed trekking companies of Nepal which were approved by the government of Nepal and the Trekking Agents Association Nepal (TAAN), the ministry of culture, tourism and aviation along with the Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Tourism Board.

Himalayan spirit adventure is providing safe, reliable and enchanting services to its customers through the several years and will always be devoted to doing such activities for the sake of the satisfaction of the customers. Our main objectives are to provide the best services to the customers or trekkers with the full satisfaction for them.

Specialized in Eco Tourism

  1. IV)  Specialized in Eco Tourism

Himalayan Spirit Adventure has distinctly been specializing its services and activities promoting Eco- Tourism. Yes, we invite our clients to travel to exotic regions of nature and explore them. They really feel blessed to uncover the mysteries of these exotic territories without spoiling them. Our prime concern while excavating the alien lands and topographies is promotion, protection and conversation of nature. We worship nature as god and also plead our guests to do so. Actually, environmental threats are hazardous, and in fact, these threats are the threats to human existence. So, we do not really tolerate environmental damages during conducting any kind of trips, rather, our trips are to maintain a sole ecological balance. Tourism activities and ecological balance should go hand in hand parallelly.

  1. V) Responsible Tourism

We believe that our responsibility is not only operating various trip programs but we have also the duty to take a good care of our team, clients and the environment. It is well known that work with decent payment is one of the fundamental rights and the requirements of a human. So, as long as our staff or the team works for us, we consider them as our own family member and behave accordingly. Moreover, we have raised a good fund to cover the risks of the team and each individual worker of Himalayan Spirit Adventure has insurance which covers all kinds of sudden disasters including death. We have no intention to exploit the employees.

We do the same to our clients and the environment. We serve our clients in such way so that they can feel it and recommend Himalayan Spirit Adventure for other clients too. Timely response to the work is our commitment. Simultaneously, we protect, promote and conserve the nature and the ecology from every angle and our team is trained and aware to it.

 Customer care

Authentic customer care is one of the prominent concentrations of Himalayan Spirit Adventure. We do take a good care of our customers. As long as they connect to us for any kind of genuine purpose, we are ready to help, suggest, lead and recommend something better for them so that they will remember us all the time.

No matter you are travelling in a large or small group or you are traveling independently as a solo traveler, if you choose us to serve you, it is our duty to make your trip safe, exciting, luxurious and memorable. In fact, our crew members are well trained on how to take a descent care of the customers. Rely on us, trust us and let your vacation be operated by us, then, definitely, we will turn it into an absolute and ultimate trip of your life.

 Our Style

We offer various styles/types/kinds of vacation trips in order to address the different intentions and mindsets of travelers. The mindsets of the postmodern people are being advanced and changed tremendously coming to these days. Some people want to experience an extreme adventure whilst some desire for easy or moderate and rest of them plan for something like excursion or family tour. Unlike that, some like to do voluntary tours and eco-friendly holidays. Therefore, we have been offering abundant number of holiday packages and you can go with whichever you really love to do. Here, we are presenting our style of vacations:

Budget Friendly

Are you wondering for a holiday trip due to low budget? Do not panic because Budget holidays are still possible with Himalayan Spirit Adventure but budget holidays do not mean that they lack what luxury holidays have. Actually, we do not find a huge different between budget and luxury holidays; they are slightly different: only the accommodation is moderate but still almost same as in the luxury holidays. Otherwise, travelers don not find any difference between luxury and budget holidays. We still are responsible and do take a good care of each individual traveler. Each budget trip you choose is operated with great emphasis.

If you are planning to use ordinary or moderate accommodation and transportation for your trip, you can go with our budget activities including tours and trekking. To be frank, in your budget tours you are going to use normal transportation, not luxury, and there will be no star hotels for the accommodation. Please, consider it before you plan for a particular holiday trip.

Eco Friendly

Operating every trip unspoiling the ecology and its balance is one of the prime concerns/styles of Himalayan Spirit Adventure. Actually, what we believe is, ecological disturbances are the crimes to the nature and soon or later, we will be punished. So, we are ecologically conscious and always move to maintain a harmonious interconnection among all living organism on the planet. It doesn’t matter which trekking route we are following, we daren’t to create any kind of ecological harms and we for this, our entire team are well trained and literate and we expect the same from the clients who connect to us for their holidays.

 Extreme Adventure

The various forms of holiday packages we offer also include extreme adventures. In fact, modern people love exotic adventures into the complete wilderness. In order to quench the thirst of unparallel adventures, we offer mountaineering, peak climbing, river rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, paragliding, zip flying and many other extreme adventure activities as demanded by the clients. For these extreme adventures, people require a high level stamina and preparedness. Additionally, without reliable and authentic equipment, extreme adventures are very risky and cannot be accomplished in a way they anticipated.

 Family Holiday

There are some special moments to be made with family in holidays. Considering it, Himalayan Spirit Adventure offers various exciting family-suited holiday packages to be done in Nepal. If you still remain family during the holidays, that’s a true spirit of a family. So why not joining our Family Holidays which are exquisitely designed where the entire family, it doesn’t matter how bigger is the family, can enjoy a particular tour/trek/adventure package with a remarkable exchange of help, feelings and emotions which ultimately strengthen the family ties. You can just let us know what kind of family holiday you want; we will set the trip accordingly.

 School Travel (Visit)

We organize and operate the excursions and School Visit Trips as well. Students or anyone who are interested in educational visit and want to know about the education system of Nepal and intend to share their ideas regarding teaching-learning can contact us. We will let you visit the schools officially, discuss and even can do some volunteering in teaching. The fooding and lodging will also be arranged at the same location where you go for educational tour. Most importantly, if the university, college or school students plant to visit schools of Nepal, either in the city or in remote areas of Nepal, you can simply let us know their interest and the trip plan, we are here to work out .

Village Tourism Development

Himalayan Spirit Adventure is committed to Village Tourism Development. This concept comes under Sustainable Tourism Development. Actually, one of the most important missions of Himalayan Spirit Adventure is sustainable development of rural parts of Nepal through tourism. For this, we suggest or recommend our guests to use home stays and local guesthouse or teahouse for meals and accommodation so that it can boost up the economy and the living standard of the poor and needy. The luxury star hotels and modern restaurants are already established and cover a good market but the local home stays and local teahouse are just emerging in Tourism. So, let them survive and move ahead to meet the standard of sustainable development. On the other hand, travelers can encourage the local people by consuming their products and encourage them to do better and Himalayan Spirit Adventure is doing the same. For example, we help the needy people to begin home stays, local teahouses/guesthouses and inspire them to work on local products. We also manage the market when they work on the local products. Mainly, what we believe is: “It is better to stay in rural homestays than luxury star hotel in the city”.