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Trekking, the word is very simple to pronounce but the real meaning of the word Trekking is actually a matter of discussion among the group of the people till the date. Some people recognized the word trekking as some sense whereas other has different meaning. But the widely accepted meaning of the trekking is simply walking at the different parts of the country to enjoy the real view of the regions. In Nepal trekking actually refers to walking at the high and beautiful lands of the remote regions leaving the life of the so called western civilization. The trekking in Nepal will take the trekkers to the beautiful regions of Nepal which will includes the walking for about 6 to 7 hours and resting at either at some hotel, lodge or tented camp. The trekking in Nepal will provide the trekkers to enjoy the view of the picturesque view of the high hills and beautiful surroundings including the green forests, ever flowing rivers, splendid waterfalls and other several things.
In Nepal trekking can be categorized into different forms. They are strenuous, challenging, easy and mid. All types of trekking will have different types of location and other facilities. There are different types of trekking that the trekkers can do in Nepal mainly, they are lodging and camping trekking. The trekking at Nepal will be interesting if you will choose one of the well experienced and expert trekking guides because they generally have good knowledge in the course of trekking information and generally know more about the trekking palces. All in all trekking in Nepal will provide the best experience in Nepal to visit at the local palces of Nepal enjoying the surroundings.
Trekking in Nepal can be done throughout eh year but it will be best during the time of spring and autumn. Trekking at Nepal can be done throughout the year but the destination should be chose wisely as in winter the trekking at the high altitude will be extremely difficult due to heavy snow fall and the trekking or tour at the Terai region during the summer will be hot and difficult. Thus, the trekking can be done throughout the year at the Nepal but the trekking destination should be wisely selected.

Types of trekking

Trekking in Nepal is one of the major activities that the visitors want to do in Nepal. It is commonly said that trekking in Nepal is one of the unique product and according to the demand of the visitors; we can do different types of trekking whole around the Nepal. Due to its less complexity and more enjoyments, the trekking in Nepal is more famous among the visitors that the mountaineering and other city tours. Trekking in Nepal will provide the visitors with the golden opportunities to view the wonderful view of the surroundings including the view of the high hills, green forest, ever flowing rivers, glorious waterfalls and the beautiful and traditional local settlements of the people. In Nepal, the trekkers can do trekking according to their interest and experience. They commonly can do the easy, mid, strenuous and challenging trekking in Nepal. The easy trekking refers to trekking at the short distances viewing the wonderful view of the surroundings including the local settlements and forest of the region, whereas the mid types of trekking will take the trekkers little farther from the easy trekking trail. The mid trekking trail will take us little more complex trekking trail which includes walking for long distances but the view offered by such trekking trail will be splendid. Similarly, the strenuous trekking will be little more complex than the mid types of trekking. Such trekking will take the trekkers all the way to the base camp of the high hills of Nepal. And the last but not the least one is challenging trekking which also consists of the peak climbing at some regions.

Majorly there are two types of trekking in Nepal. They are lodging trekking and camping trekking. Those types of trekking where the trekkers will spend their nights at the lodges or the guest house whoever is available is called lodging trekking whereas those types of trekking where the night of the trekkers will be spend at the tented camp at the trekking trail is called camping trekking. Comparing to camping trekking, lodging trekking are little more easy types of trekking in Nepal.

  • Rolwaling with Tashilapcha Pass
     Rolwaling Trek with Tashilapcha Pass is the electrifying trekking that proceeds through the difficult high mountain routes and encompasses both Rolwaling Valley and Khumbu Region. Experience the pleasant walking through the rarely trodden routes that prolongs through the hidden valleys and high Himalayan glaciers. Walking through culturally rich highland villages of Simigaon, Kharka, Beding and Thame, enjoying the gratifying views of Gaurishankar, Rolwaling, Dorje Lakpa, Yalung Ri, Chekigo, Bamango and Menglung peaks, visiting the beautiful yet chilling lake of Tso Rolpa, passing through Trakarding glacier and crossing the difficult Tashi Lapcha Pass are some of the wonderful moments of Rolwaling Trek with Tashilapcha Pass. 
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  • Newly opened trekking route
    Are you bored of following the same classical trekking routes in Nepal? Are you looking for the trek that is something different from the packages that other travel and tour companies in Nepal are offering? If yes, then you have entered the correct site. You are welcome to Himalayan Spirit Adventure Trek and Expeditions which is the leading travel agency from Nepal.
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