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Trekking Gears
Equipment checklist for Expedition:
For any expedition or trek one must be well equipped with all the necessary things that will help you during the trek. For attempting the trek those equipments will assist you very significantly. So, a trekker must be able to handle those things properly in order to make use of it at the moment of difficulty or in need. It is said that trekker do spent more money for buying those equipments. You ought to pay more attention while purchasing those things as they will be your true companion. There are specific places designed for acquiring the trekking materials. Trekking Gears are of different categories like personal, toiletry items, personal first aid kit box and other necessary items.

• A pair of hiking/trekking boots
• A pair of slippers
• Five pairs of woolen socks and three pairs of cotton socks
• Two pairs of poly pro socks
• One light long underwear bottom
• One medium long underwear bottom
• A pair of climbing and pile pants
• Two medium poly pro shirts
• One light woolen/fleece sweater
• One pile jacket
• One down vest
• One down sweater/jacket
• A pair of light wind Gore-Tex jacket and pant
• A pair of woolen hat and Sun hat
• A pair of glacier glasses
• A pair of Gore-Tex glove shells with liner or ski gloves
• A pair of woolen gloves
• A Swiss Army knife
• A trekking pack of 3000 cubic inches capacity
• Two Sun screen lotion SPF 10 to 30 and 1 Sun screen stick SPF 10 to 30
• Books, walkman and music tapes (opt)
• An one-liter water bottle
• A pair of trekking poles (opt)
• One torch with enough sets of batteries
• Two large and strong waterproof duffel bags with lock (17x13x32 inch)
• Two rolls of toilet paper (opt)
• One trekking baggy pant (opt)

Toiletry items:
Towel, biodegradable soaps, pre-moistened novelettes, wash cloth, sunscreen, lip balm, and any extra personal items such as toothbrush, comb, etc.

Personal first aid kit box:
Be advised to check with your doctor. Suggestions: aspirin or ibuprofen, Pepto Bismol, Band aids/bandages, moleskin, scissors, tweezers, tropical antiseptic, anti-acid tablets, laxative, water sanitization tablets.

Other necessary items:
Photo equipment with plenty of film and spare batteries, reading/writing materials, postcards of hometown and/or photos of home and family to share with Nepalese people, safety pins, sewing kit, zip lock bags for small items, large plastic bags to line duffel and look after any down items.