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Shangrila Tour

Shangrila Tour is the special 14- day tour package that is unique to ‘Himalayan Spirit Adventure Trek and Expeditions.’ In just 14days of brief duration, this tour takes you through almost all wild experiences that can be conceived in Nepal. The tour encompasses various tourist spots like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, Pokhara, Bandipur, Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel and Namobuddha.
Jungle walk in the dense sal woods of Chitwan National park, white water rafting in Trishuli river, visiting the birthland of Buddha in Lumbini, exploring the wonders of beautiful lake city of Pokhara, watching sunrise view and other snow-clad mountains from Sarankot hill, treading through the culturally rich village of Bandipur with opportunity to closely observe the traditions and lifestyle of local inhabitants, watching sunrise view over Mount Everest from Nagarkot hill and visiting the mesmerizing Namobuddha Monastery that is truly the man made wonder in the world are some of the major attraction of Shangrila Tour. The best activities are always savored for the last. Finally, you will be taken in 2 hours of flight over Mount Everest. What a way to conclude the electrifying Sangrila Tour!!!!
Since this package is special offering from Himalayan Spirit Trek and Expeditions, we are the only one who are conducting this unique package. So, contact us soon and reserve the Tour that will allow you the glimpse of whole Nepal in just 14 days.

Itinerary Outline:

Day 01: Pick up at TIA, Kathmandu Stay overnight at hotel
Day 02: Transfer to Chitwan (148km) By bus (6hrs)/ car (5hrs)/ air (25min)
Day 03: Full Day jungle activities/ Stay overnight
Day 04: Chitwan to Lumbini (158km) by bus (7hrs)/ car (5hrs)/ Stay overnight
Day 05: Full day sightseeing tour around Lumbini/ Stay overnight
Day 06: Lumbini to Pokhara (305km) by bus (9hrs)/ car (6hrs)/ stay overnight
Day 07: Pokhara to Sarankot (1572m) sunrise tour with Pokhara Valley Tour
Day 08: Pokhara to Bandipur (72km)/ Stay overnight
Day 09: Visit at Bandipur Village/ Stay overnight
Day 10: Bandipur to Kathmandu via Trisuli River Rafting/ Stay overnight
Day 11: Kathmandu Valley sightseeing tour/ Stay overnight
Day 12: Kathmandu to Bhaktapur (1hr by car) Nagarkot (1hr by car) (32km) sunset tour stay overnight
Day 13: Nagarkot to Dhulikhel to Namobuddha (38km) 3hrs by car tour transfer back to Kathmandu stay overnight
Day 14: Early Morning Mountain flight Rest and shopping during noon Stay overnight

Day 01: Pick up at TIA, Kathmandu Stay overnight at hotel:
As soon as you disembark in Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu, you will be received by the representative from Himalayan Spirit Adventure Trek and Expeditions. About half an hour drive through the bustling streets of Kathmandu will convey you to the hotel. A brief explanation of the itinerary package will be followed by the welcome dinner which will be served in your honor.

Day 02: Transfer to Chitwan (148km) by bus (6hrs)/ car (5hrs)/ air (25min):
The easiest and economical way of reaching Chitwan from Kathmandu is by tourist bus. It takes 6hours of drive to take us to Chitrasali which is located 5km far from Sauraha. We will catch a jeep to Sauraha. Buses leave from Thamel end of Kantipath everyday at 7 am.
Alternatively, we can arrange for car. It takes 5hours of ride in a car to take us to hotel at Sauraha. If you do not want to follow all the twists and turns of roads for several hours, you can go for the third option. We will book your flight which will take you to Bharatpur Airport in just 25minutes. Taxies are available at Bharatpur Airport which will take you to the hotel in Sauraha.

Day 03: Full Day jungle activities Stay overnight:
We will engage in full day jungle activities that involve exploration of jungle. We can either choose jungle walk or jeep safari or elephant ride or canoeing to explore these dense sal woods. Thickets of Chitwan National Park provide shelter to several species of birds and animals and thus it offers us the rare opportunity for bird watching and wildlife viewing. Close encounter with raging one- horned rhinos from the back of elephant allows us with the mixed sensation of terror and pleasure at the same time. We will visit Tharu Village in the evening where we will be greeted with Tharu Cultural Dance.

Day 04: Chitwan to Lumbini (158km) by bus (7hrs)/ car (5hrs) Stay overnight:
After wake up call, we will visit the woods of Chitwan National Park for bird watching. Returning back, we will quickly nibble down the breakfast and then we will prepare ourselves to head towards Lumbini. The road straightens along the plain land for about 158km to reach to Lumbini. 7 hours of bus ride will take us to Lumbini. Depending upon the group size, we can arrange for car to take us to the birth land of Buddha.

Day 05: Full day sightseeing tour around Lumbini Stay overnight:
Lumbini is the place where queen Mayadevi gave birth to Buddha- the founder of Buddhism. We will visit Mayadevi temple, bathing pool of Puskarni where Queen Mayadevi bathed before delivery and Ashoka Pillar. Lumbini is decorated with several ornate monasteries that are built by various countries like Vietnam, China and Korea. After day long tour, we will stay at hotel for the night.

Day 06: Lumbini to Pokhara (305km) by bus (9hrs)/ car (6hrs) Stay overnight:
Following wide road that straightens through the plains will take us to Pokhara in about 9hours of bus ride. Depending upon group size, we can also arrange for car which takes 6hours to take us to Pokhara. Since it will be evening when we reach to the Lakeside hotel at Pokhara, we will call the day off at hotel and stay overnight after taking the welcoming meal.

Day 07: Pokhara to Sarankot (1572m) sunrise tour with Pokhara Valley Tour:
Sarankot is a hill station located 11.7km far from beautiful lake city of Pokhara and mere half an hour of drive should be able to take us to the foothill of Sarankot. We will climb the hill and enjoy the panoramic views of several snow- clad mountains along with enchanting Pokhara valley. Sarankot is also popular for its sunrise view and paragliding. After having sunrise view, we will have breakfast. During the day, we will explore around
Pokhara and visit spots like Mahendra Cave, Phewa Lake, Seti Gorge and International Mountaineering Museum.

Day 08: Pokhara to Bandipur (72km) Stay overnight:
Leaving Pokhara early in the morning, we will head east and cover 72km long road to arrive at Bandipur village which is located atop the hill in Tanahu district. We will stay overnight at Bandipur.

Day 09: Visit at Bandipur Village Stay overnight:
Bandipur is historically significant Newar village. After early breakfast, we will set out to visit Bandipur which is culturally rich village. We will explore the breathtaking caves and travel through unspoiled landscapes. Bandipur also offers the scenic views of whole Annapurna Range and Dhaulagiri, Langtang and Manaslu Mountains and Marsyangdi valley.

Day 10: Bandipur to Kathmandu via Trisuli River Rafting Stay overnight:
We will head to the vantage point early in the morning for sunrise view. Later, we will head towards our check- in point at Trishuli River. Trishuli River allows thrilling white water rafting experience and the turbulances and rapids of this river are graded in moderate category which means even the people with no early rafting experience can join the raft. It takes about 3hours of sensational rafting to cover 143.7km long water route to arrive at Kathmandu.

Day 11: Kathmandu Valley sightseeing tour Stay overnight:
11th day is dedicated to exploration of the culturally diverse city of Kathmandu. Kathmandu is aptly known as city of temples. After breakfast, we will take the guided tour and visit some UNESCO enlisted cultural sites like The Monkey Temple or Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple complex, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Lalitpur Durbar Square. We will return back to the hotel in the evening and stay overnight.

Day 12: Kathmandu to Bhaktapur (1hr by car) Nagarkot (1hr by car) (32km) sunset tour stay overnight:
We will take 1hour of car drive along the wide road of Araniko Highway to reach the medieval Newar town of Bhaktapur. Some of the prominent sites around Bhaktapur are Golden Gate, Pottery Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapol Temple and Dattatraya Durbar Square. Time permitting; we will visit Changu Narayan Temple before heading to the beautiful hill station of Nagarkot where we will stay overnight.

Day 13: Nagarkot to Dhulikhel to Namobuddha (38km) 3hrs by car tour transfer back to Kathmandu stay overnight:
We will rise along with the wakeup call and hurry to the tower. We will have the engrossing view of sunrise view over Mount Everest Mountain from the tower and then return back to hotel for breakfast. We will then take about an hour of drive to cover 23km long road so as to reach another historical Newari town of Dhulikhel. Taking lunch at Dhulikhel, we will continue our journey to Namobuddha where we will have opportunity to explore the entire premises of colossal Namobuddha monastery. Finally, we will return back to hotel in Kathmandu and stay overnight.

Day 14: Early Morning Mountain flight Rest and shopping during noon Stay overnight:
Almost all prominent Domestic Airlines companies like Yeti Air and Buddha Air are allowing Mountain flight services. We will begin our flight from the airstrip of Tribhuvan International Airport at 6am in the morning. We will have view of peaks like Langtang, Cho Oyu, Lhotse and others before having view of Mount Everest. After 2hours of scenic mountain flight, we will return back to Kathmandu. You will have plenty of free time during noon during which you can go shopping. Thamel is best known as Tourist shopping destination. You will stay overnight at hotel.


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