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Nepali Culture Wedding Program
Marriage ceremony is one of the most cherished memories in the life of people throughout the world. Everybody wish to make their wedding as memorable as possible. If you are looking for trying something different, you can remember Himalayan Spirit Adventure, Trek and Expeditions for your maariage according to Nepalese Marriage System.
The couple who are married according to Hindu Wedding Ceremony is believed to be united till seven rebirths. Wedding months in Nepal are January to March, April to June and November to December. Sacred places like temples are selected as marriage venue. The marriage venue will be heavily decorated with paper flyers, flowers and lights. The priest strictly follows the instructions of Veda to tie the knots in between bride and bride groom. Bride and bride groom worships in the jagya (the marriage place enclosed by canopy). The fire continues to burn in the mandap (fire place) located at the center of jagya. Bride puts on the auspicious red dress and is decorated with gold ornaments while bride groom wears traditional daura suruwal. Bride covers her head with red net called ghumto. Bride groom reaches the jagya with traditional orchestra of panche baja that is made up of five different musical instruments. The guardian from the bride’s side hands over the bride in the hand of bride groom which is called Kanyadan and bridegroom welcomes the bride in his life by putting sindur (red pigment) on her head.
The whole process is lively and colorful. After completing the wedding ceremony, the bride is taken to bride groom’s place of stay.
We will make complete arrangement for your wedding ceremony in either Pashupatinath Temple or Dakshinkali Temple or Balaju Water Garden. If you like to make your wedding extra special, we can also organize your wedding in Bindabasini Temple of Pokhara. Nepali wedding ceremony remains incomplete till the reception party is thrown out by the newly wed couples. We have special plans to make unforgettable wedding reception party. If you want to extend your stay in Nepal, you can choose out of several best honeymoon tour packages in Nepal.