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Nepal is one of the land locked country situating at the land of the Himalayas. Consisting the area of about 1,47,181 sq km the population of this area is about 2.6 million. Nepal is located between the two huge countries of the world namely India and China. The whole nation is divided into three main divided into three regions including the Himalayan, hilly and Terai Regions. The three regions consists distinct characteristics and climate and weather too along with the culture of the people. The people living at these regions have different types of culture and traditions. The landscapes of the different regions along with the different types of mixture of the people are the main attraction of Nepal. Among the different places of Nepal, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. The international airport of the Nepal is located at the Kathmandu. Thus, while visiting to Nepal the visitors have to drop at the Kathmandu. Thus, we can also say that Kathmandu is the beginning and ending point of every destination of Nepal.

The people of the Nepal used to follow different types of culture and tradition. The culture and tradition of the people living at different places used to follow different types of culture and tradition and as a whole their lifestyle is also different from place to place. They used to speak different types of languages and different religions. Some of the major languages of the Nepal are Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Magar and other different types of ethnic languages. Besides the above mentioned ethnic languages, there are several types of religions like Hindu, Buddhists, Christianity, Islam and other several main religions of the whole world can be found at Nepal.

Similarly, the history of Nepal is also interesting. There are many archeological places of Nepal which is still very famous for visitors and other people and as a matter of fact all these archeological places and buildings are made during that time. They are both historical important as well as beautiful too.