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Mount Kailash Manasarovar Trek

Mount Kailash Manasarovar Trek is a 15-day long package which takes you into the 53 km long Kailash circuit. Mount Kailash Manasarovar Trek takes you to the journey of Mount Kailash which is the supremely sacred site for four religions- Hindu, Buddhist, Bon and Jain and billions of the followers of those religions.
Mount Kailash (6714m) receives only few thousands of visitors each year due to its remote location. The weather in Mount Kailash remains pretty adverse throughout the year and the rugged road makes its access tough. Mount Kailash is believed to be the physical embodiment of mythical Mount Meru. Mount Kailash is revered by Hindus as the ‘navel of the world’ while Manasarovar which is located near to Mount Kailash is taken as the soul of Brahma.
It is believed that a single ‘parikrama’ (rotation) of Mount Kailash will cast away all the sins you committed in this lifetime while a total set of 108 rotation around Mount Kailash will bestow you with salvation.
Manasarovar is yet another religiously and naturally significant site of Kailash Manasarovar Trek. The term “Manasarovar” is composed of Sanskrit words ‘Manas’ and ‘Sarovar’. ‘Manas’ means mind and ‘Sarovar’ means lake. Manasarovar Lake which nestles amid majestic Gurla Mandata is located at 4510 meters of height on Tibetan plateau. There is strong Hindu faith that the ritual bath in this lake will let them enter the home of Lord Brahma.

Itinerary Outline

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 03: Drive to Nyalam (3750 m)
Day 04: Free day in Nyalam
Day 05: Travel to Saga (4450 m)
Day 06: Move to Paryang (4600 m)
Day 07: Visit Mansarovar (4558 m)
Day 08: Travel to Tarchen (4700 m)
Day 09: Travel to Tarboche and to Dirapuk (4860 m)
Day 10: Travel to Zuthulpuk (4760 m)
Day 11: Travel to Tarchen/Darchen
Day 12: Drive to Dongba
Day 13: Drive to Nyalam
Day 14: Drive to Kathmandu
Day 15: Departure from Kathmandu

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu:
Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will greet you and take you to our hotel. After a little freshening, you will get a briefing about the schedule. You will then have rest. You will find our team members ready to assist you in preparing for your trek. Feel free to ask help dealing with other necessities.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
The next morning after breakfast you will leave for a sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley. You will have a short tour to monuments and temples like Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swyambhunath and Hanuman Dhoka Square, all enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site, after which you will return back to hotel to have dinner.

Day 03: Drive to Nyalam (3750m)
After breakfast you will drive through Bhaktapur and Dhulikhel to reach Friendship Bridge (i.e. the Nepal-China border). Crossing the Friendship Bridge, you will be greeted by Tibetan guide and driver. You will then drive in a Land cruiser for another 35 km to Nyalam which takes about 3hrs to complete. You will stay overnight in Nyalam.

Day 04: Free day for acclimatization
Today will be a free day for acclimatizing to the high altitude of Tibetan plateau. You can either explore around Nyalam or take rest. Prepare yourself for the tough treks to be taken in upcoming days.

Day 05: Travel to Saga (4450m) 6-7 hrs
After breakfast, you will drive towards your next destination- Saga. You will pass through the sandy and rocky parts of Tibet to reach the first High Pass Lalung-La 5050m. You will take brief rest at Lalung-La and then continue the journey through Khunmen Tso and Sinling. You will cross the Brahmaputra River (Tibetan name "Tsangpo Yarling") to get to Saga (4640m). You will stay overnight in guesthouse.

Day 06: Move to Paryang (4600m) 4hrs
On the 6th day, after having breakfast, you will pass through many villages and yak herders camps to arrive to plains. In the plains is located Paryang. You will stay overnight in guesthouse at Paryang.

Day 07: Visit Mansarovar (4558m) 7hrs
7th day will be your longest day of driving and trekking. In the afternoon you can have the first view of Holy Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar from Hore - a small village located nearby Holy Mansarovar Lake.
Mansarovar (14950 ft/4558m) - the largest freshwater lake with turquoise complexion in the world is full of fish and swans. The region is considered rich in gold and other mines, hot springs and hundreds of wild creatures.

Day 08: Travel to Tarchen (4700m) 4hrs
After completing the memorable morning bath and Pooja on Holy Lake Manasarovar, you will continue your journey to Tarchen (Darchen). If time allows, you will visit Chui Gompa. Tarchen is considered as a base camp for Holy Kailash Parikrama.

Day 09: Travel to Tarboche and to Dirapuk (4860m) 5-6 hours
After breakfast, you will head towards Tarboche - initial point of Kailash Parikrama which is also known as outside "Asthapath". You will take a brief rest at Tarboche and then walk walk a distance of 7km in 7 hrs time along the beautiful rocky cliffs and waterfalls to finally reach Dirupak.

Day 10: Travel to Zuthulpuk (4760 m) 4hrs
Today, you will pass through High Pass Dolma-La before descending gradually to Zuthulpuk (4760m). Yama-Sthal must be crossed to reach the Shiva-Stahl, while their steps go closer to the pass.
You will undergo through the toughest walk today. Once you reach the top, you can perform holiest offering and practice meditation. Lowering down, you will reach Parvati-Sthal and Gauri Kunda. By late afternoon, you will reach Zuthulpuk.

Day 11: Travel to Tarchen/Darchen 4-5 hrs
In the morning, you will explore the Milerappa cave which is also known as cave of Miracles. The great ascetic Milerappa is supposed to have preformed miracles here. After lunch, you will walk for 3 hours to reach to Tarchen.

Day 12: Drive to Dongba
After completing the journey of 366km in 7-8 hours, you will finally arrive to Dongba where you will stay in guesthouse.

Day 13: Drive to Nyalam 7-8 hours
You will drive for about 7-8 hrs from Dongba to Nyalam to cover total distance of 376km. You will stay overnight in guesthouse at Nyalam.

Day 14: Drive to Kathmandu 6-7 hours
After fulfilling the procedure of immigration in Tibet, you will return to Kathmandu through Kodari. You will stay overnight at Kathmandu in our hotel.

Day 15: Departure from Kathmandu
This marks the end of your Mount Kailash Manasarovar Trek package. You will be assisted in your last minute preparation and then taken to Tribhuvan International Terminal. We bid you farewell and hope to see you again!


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