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Dhaulagiri Round Trekking

Dhaulagiri Round Trekking is also known as Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek. Dhaulagiri means the white mountain. Dhaulagiri Round Trekking is a 21 days long trekking package which takes you to Dhaulagiri that is isolated from Annapurna Region by the Kali Gandaki Gorge. The trek follows through icy track to challenging mountain passes like French Pass(5360m) which is the highest point of Dhaulagiri Round Trekking and Thapa Pass(5200m).

Dhaulagiri Round Trekking offers magnificent views of Dhaulagiri Mountain Range which consists of fifteen 7000m peaks like Putali Himal and Tukuche Peak including massive Dhaulagiri Peak which stands tall at 8156m high and thus making it the 6th tallest peak in the world. The mystic feeling inspired by the pristine surrounding, passing through the Gandaki Gorge which is the deepest gorge in the world, Magdi glacier, Dhaulagiri Base Camp(4750m) and The Dhampus Pass which lies between Tukuche Peak and Thapa Peak are the major attraction of Dhaulagiri Round Trekking.

Dhaulagiri Round Trekking is categorized as the strenuous trekking and thus demands previous trekking experiences for conquering it. It is wise for adults not to take this trek. Some of the trekkers might suffer from High Altitude Sickness.

Itinerary outline of Round Dhaulagiri Trekking
Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 03: Drive to Pokhara and then to Beni
Day 04: Trek to Babichaur
Day 05: Trek to Darbang
Day 06: Trek to Muri
Day 07: Trek to Boghara
Day 08: Trek to Dovan
Day 09: Trek to High Vungini (Italian Base Camp)
Day 10: Rest Day at High Vungini (Italian Base Camp)
Day 11: Trek to Glacier camp
Day 12: Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp I
Day 13: Trek to Hidden Valley via French Col
Day 14: Rest day at Hidden Valley
Day 15: Trek to Yak Kharka
Day 16: Trek to Marpha
Day 17: Trek to Ghasa
Day 18: Trek to Tatopani
Day 19: Trek to Hile
Day 20: Trek to Pokhara
Day 21: Drive to Kathmandu


Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival:
You will find our representative there in airport, ready to greet you when you land in International Airport of Kathmandu. He will receive you with your name and take you to our hotel where you will be briefly explained about the itinerary package.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu:
On the second day, you will be taken out for an excursion to some of the chief sites in and around Kathmandu. Visits include temples of Pashupatinath, Swayamvunath and Bauddhanath and Durbar squares of Kathmandu and Patan.

Day 03: Drive to Pokhara and then to Beni:
On the third day, you will be traveling to Pokhara (around 200km) via Prithivi Highway. The bus will depart at 7 AM in the morning. It will be a 6-hr drive with beautiful scenery all along the way. You will arrive at Pokhara in the late afternoon. Another four hours drive from Pokhara will take us to Beni.

Day 04: Trek to Babichaur:
Beni is located at the confluence of Myagdi Khola and Kaligandaki Camp. After leaving the Kali Gandaki River, we will head west along north bank of Myagdi Khola to Mangalghat which later takes you to Singa Bazaar. Little far from Singa Bazaar lies Babichaur where we will spend our night.

Day 05: Trek to Darbang:
Today we will ascend up the hill to reach Darbang which locates itself at 1110m altitude. We will spend our night in a camp at Darbang. Alternatively, we can take the shared jeep or microbus services from Darbang to Beni. We will spend our night at Darbang.

Day 06: Trek to Muri:
Today we will head north to Phedi. From Phedi, we will ascend up to ridge. After taking a brief rest at a ridge, we will clamber all the way to Sibang and Mattim. From Mattim, we will lower down and walk along Gatti Khola to reach Phalai Gaon(1810m). Later we will pass through Dhara Khola to continue to Muri which is the large Magar Village.

Day 07: Trek to Boghara:
It takes 6-8 hrs of trek to reach to Boghara. The trail lowers downhill for a while and passes through terraced fields. We will then climb a ridge and descend to Myagdi Khola. Later we will pass through village of Naurawe and descend through a forest and terraced fields to reach Boghara.

Day 08: Trek to Dovan:
We will descend through terraced fields to a small ridge and then through a forest to Jyardan. We will pass through settlement and follow the rocky winding path to Lipshe. The trail later takes us to Lapche Kharka before finally taking us to Dovan.

Day 09: Trek to High Vungini (Italian Base Camp):
On the 9th day, we will climb up through the beautiful woods from where we can see the mountains. Following this path will take us to High Vungini which is the Italian Base Camp.

Day 10: Rest Day at High Vungini (Italian Base Camp):
This day will be taken as the rest day. We will ease up our aching muscle and prepare ourselves for journey to be taken in upcoming days. We will pitch our camp in High Vungini which is also known as the Italian Base Camp.

Day 11: Trek to Glacier camp:
We will cross the glacier with an aid of rope to reach to the main glacier. We will find the path to be rough and dangerous at number of ways. We will pitch our camp there in the glacier.

Day 12: Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp I:
Early in the 12th day, we will pursue the trail through rough course of stones and glaciers all the way to Dhaulagiri Base Camp I. The weather is harsh and cold but the spectacular view of Dhaulagiri Mountain will soothe our chilling soul. We will spend our night in a camp at Dhaulagiri Base Camp I.

Day 13: Trek to Hidden Valley via French Col:
We will climb the steep moraine walls to reach to the top of French Col(5300m) from where we can get the splendid view of the Hidden Valley which is the reminiscent of Tibet and Ladakh. The temperature here exists at -20 °C overnight. Later we will pursue the course all the way to Hidden Valley where we will pitch our camp.

Day 14: Rest day at Hidden Valley:
Hiddeen Valley extends itself at an area of 5000m. We will take rest from the arduous journey. If we feel like it, we can explore around to admire the surrounding peaks.

Day 15: Trek to Yak Kharka:
After breakfast, we will climb all the way to Dhampus which exists at 5200m altitude. We will have a thrilling walk along the slopes prone to avalanches. After brief rest, we will descend steeply to a meadow with lush green vegetation which goes by the name of Yak Kharka.

Day 16: Trek to Marpha:
On the 16th day, we will descend along the flank of the mountain to reach a settlement at Marpha. T he trek pursues its course through the tree line, potato and wheat fields, terraces and cottages. Marpha is famous for its apple orchards and is home to two lovely Tibetan monasteries. We will stay overnight at Marpha.

Day 17: Trek to Ghasa:
We will move along the flat and broad river valley to reach a settlement with Tibetan style houses. Later we will pass through green and forested valley to reach to the village of Ghasa which is a narrow settlement surrounded by green hills and fields of crops and vegetables. We will stay overnight at Ghasa.

Day 18: Trek to Tatopani:
Today’s trek follows the course through subtropical vegetation, fig trees and poinsettias which will lead us to river. We will move along the river to reach a deeper world of George all the way to Tatopani. We will spend our night at Tatopani and visit natural hot springs.

Day 19: Trek to Hile:
Early in the morning, we will climb Poonhill which is one of the best vantage points of Nepal for viewing majestic mountains. It offers an unobstructed view of the high Himalayas. Later we will walk down to Hile where we will pitch our camp.

Day 20: Trek to Pokhara:
Our next destination will be Pokhara. We will walk through Nayapul, Birethanti and lust green valley along Modiriver to reach Pokhara where we will spend our night in a hotel.

Day 21: Drive to Kathmandu:
This day we will drive back to Kathmandu which is located 200km west of Pokhara. Prithvi Highway connects Kathmandu with Pokhara. It takes about5hrs to cover the length of 200km to return back to Kathmandu.



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