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Extreme Activities
  • Mountain Flight in Nepal
     The history of Mountain Flight in Nepal is relatively young as it dates only 80 years back in the year 1933 when two Scots aviators David Mclntyre and Douglas Douglas- Hamilton launched their PV-3 biplanes for the very first time above colossal Mount Everest with a determination to film the movie”Wings over Everest” that claimed Oscar Award in the year 1934.  Breaking the walls of conventional trekking, the tourism in Nepal has broadened to cover several nerve wrangling sports out of which mountain flight has emerged as an integral facet of Nepal Tourism.
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  • Jungle Safari in Bardiya
     The largest National Park in Terai Region that stretches from Churia Hills to the territory of Bhabar, Bardiya National Park extends over 968 sq. km. of an area encompassing the fertile plain lands and dense mirk woods that abodes many ferocious beasts, diverse species of tropical flowers and several local and migratory birds which makes the park a piece of paradise in Earth.  Bordered with Churia Hills to the North and Geruwa River to the west, Bardiya National Park is dominated with verdant Sal woods that endow shelter to many rare species of wildlife. Langur, rhesus monkeys, wild dogs, otters, blue bulls, deer, wild boar, hyenas, rare one horned rhinoceros, civets, wild elephant, deer, Black Buck, sloth bears and several other mammals are the residents of Bardiya National Park that gives us abundance of wildlife to gaze at. Gharial and Marsh Mugger crocodiles and Gangetic dolphins are other amazing creatures that have added fame to the park.
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  • Extreme Activities
     Few years back, thrilling trekking experience largely dominated the tourism activity in Nepal. Coping up with the changes in the fast paced world, Nepal has succeeded in adding several nerve wrangling extreme sports like bungee jumping from one of the tallest cliffs in the world, para gliding with birds, mountain flight over the colossal mountains and the exhilarating ultra light flight experiences to its tourism industry which has made Nepal ‘Mecca’ for extreme sports seeker. ‘Trek Nepal’ is offering wide range of extreme sports activities that are bound to test your endurance skills. Let us help you find your lifetime adventure that will be full of experiences that gets etched in your memory forever. 
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  • Day Hiking in Nepal
    There are multiple ways to explore the beauty of Nepal. You can either choose the two months long expedition in Nepal or you can reach the base of famous Mountains in Nepal by selecting trekking in Nepal which usually extends above 10days. You can even try peak climbing in Nepal. Recently, Nepal is also being known to the outer world for offering extreme sports like paragliding and bungee jumping.
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  • Nepal Culture Tour
    Nepal Culture Tour is the perfect package if you are trying to get to know the face of real Nepal. Nepalese are better known for their warm hospitality. Although Nepal is a secular state, majority of population in Nepal follow Hindu religion. Nepal is famous all over the world as the birthplace of Lord Buddha- Light of Asia and the founder of Buddhism religion. Nepal has set an example in religious tolerance.
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  • Nepali Culture Wedding Program
    Marriage ceremony is one of the most cherished memories in the life of people throughout the world. Everybody wish to make their wedding as memorable as possible. If you are looking for trying something different, you can remember Himalayan Spirit Adventure, Trek and Expeditions for your maariage according to Nepalese Marriage System.
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  • Short Trekking Route
    The beautiful country of Nepal offers one of the best trekking destinations in the world. Due to its topographical variation, Nepal is blessed with the deepest Valley of the World-Arun Valley to the highest Mountain of the World- Mount Everest. Although Nepal is a small country, it constitutes the flat Terai land, hills and mountains. These geographical variations have made Nepal heaven for trekkers. Nepal offers the trekking of varied experiences. It does not matter whether you come in Nepal for a challenging expedition which continues for 60-70 days or you are in a holiday vacation and want to get involved in short and easy trekking in Nepal which can be completed within one week, Nepal has got something in store for all of you.
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