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Himalayan Bhutan Splendor Tour

Himalayan Bhutan Splendor Tour is an 8-day long travel package which will impart you with the opportunity to meet and learn about the culture and lifestyle of ever smiling locals, tread into the untouched forest with rare insight into the wildlife and have a glimpse into ancient traditions of arts and crafts of the Kingdom Of Dragon.
While in Himalayan Bhutan Splendor Tour, you will tread through the rarely tried areas of Bhutan. The experiences from this tour include flying above the Himalayas that offers stunning views of the snowy peaks highest in the world to reach to the country's only airport which is located in the beautiful valley of Paro, inhaling the clean mountain air, passing through forested ridges and meeting with welcoming Bhutanese in their striking national dress.
Other experiences of Himalayan Bhutan Splendor Tour include crossing the silver Pa Chu (Paro River) flowing into the Paro Valley and stopping by the Paro Dzong (fortress), Ta Dzong (watch tower), Rinpung Dzong, Kichu Lakhang(the oldest temple in the country) and Drugyal Dzong.
The Himalayan splendors of Bhutan that you can see are Masagang (7158m), Tsendagang (6960m), Terigang (7060m), Kangphugang (7170m), Zongphugang (7060m) and Gangkar puensum (7497m).

Itinerary Outline
Day 01: Arrival in Paro
Day 02: Sightseeing tour in Thimpu
Day 03: Trek to Trongsa
Day 04: Trek to Bumthang via Trongsa Dzong
Day 05: Trek to Wangdiphodrang
Day 06: Sightseeing Punakha and return to Paro
Day 07: Explore Paro
Day 08: Departure from Paro

Day 01: Arrival in Paro
From Kathmandu, you will catch a Druk Air flight to Paro Airport in Bhutan. Upon arrival at Paro International Airport, the only international airport of Bhutan, you will complete the procedures of custom and immigration. Afterwards, you will be greeted by your guides who will take you to the capital- Thimphu. You will stay overnight at a hotel in Thimpu.

Day 02: Sightseeing tour in Thimpu
In the afternoon, you will move out for a short tour in Thimpu during which you will visit the Memorial Chorten, The National Library, The Painting School and The Handicrafts Emporium. Later you will head for Tashicho Dzong and return back to the hotel in Thimpu.

Day 03: Trek to Trongsa
The journey to central Bhutan takes about 7-8 hours to complete. You will pass through the Alps and coniferous forests in three districts. You will have lunch at Chendebji, an ancient Newari Stupa like those found in Nepal. Beyond Chendebji lies Trongsa where you will stay in a hotel.

Day 04: Trek to Bumthang via Trongsa Dzong
The journey for this day continues by visiting Trongsa Dzong. Later you will travel through the magnificent landscape of pine forests and open fields to Jambey Lhakhang, Tamshing Monastery and the Jakar Dzong to finally arrive to Bumthang where you will stay overnight.

Day 05: Travel to Wangdiphodrang
On the 5th day, you will traverse through the fascinating valley of Bumthang before returning to Trongsa where lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Later you will continue your journey to Wangdiphodrang. You will stay overnight in Wangdiphodrang.

Day 06: Travel to Punakha and to Paro
This day you will drive to Punakha where you will visit Punakha Dzong, a massive structure built at the confluence of two rivers. After having lunch, you will pass through traditional farmhouses before finally arriving to the destination for the day- Paro.

Day 07: Explore Paro
Today you will begin the exploration inside Paro by visiting ruins of Drukgyel Dzong from where you can have view of Chomolhari Mountain. You will pass through 7th century Kyichu Lakhang which celebrates the arrival of Buddhism in Bhutan. You will also stop by the National Museum before returning back to hotel in Paro.

Day 08: Departure from Paro
This day marks the end of your short tour. You will take your breakfast in hotel and then will be taken to the only International Airport in Bhutan which lies in Paro. From Paro, you will either fly back to Kathmandu through Druk Airlines or head for your next destination.


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