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Ganesh Himal Trek
  • Dhading Panorama Trek
     Dhading Panorama Trek presents a glance of examining the tradition and the culture of the native people. This area will provide the chance to familiarize in the midst of the lifestyle, fine art, structural design and cultural traditions of the people. The Prithvi Highway links Kathmandu and Pokhara all the way through the southern part of the district which provides simple access to the Kathmandu Valley. All peaks are over 7,000 meters with some approaching 8000. Mount Manaslu which stands above 8000 meters of altitude is visible from Dhading and is one of the highlights of Dhading Panorama Trek. Although it is within the limits and reach of Gorkha, the road corresponds to the Trishuli River.
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  • Ganga Jamuna Trekking
    Ganga Jamuna Trekking site is considered as one of the pilgrimage treks for Hindu and Buddhist followers alike. The presence of beautiful flora and fauna adds charm to the Ganga Jamuna Trekking. Another attraction of this trip is to visit Ganga Jamuna, two fold waterfall. It is believed that this holy stone preserves the divine power as water originates from the peaks of the Mountains. In addition, you can enjoy the wide ranges of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Himal Shringi, Manaslu 
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  • Ganesh Himal Treks
    Ganesh Himal Trek is another perfect destination for trekking as it too provides spectacular, panoramic views of several majestic mountains. As you trek there, you will feel as if you are not tired of seeing the smiling faces of the native people of the villages while walking along the banks of rivers in the continuation of the track. The route around the mountains is one of the legends of the most enjoyable trekking that is located in the central-eastern Nepal. Ganesh Himal Trek is also known as a trekking tour Tamang culture. You will have the opportunity to take a break and roam around the inhabitants of these areas, living on a floor covered with fortress-like sites and places. Ganesh Himal Trek offers fantastic views, safe 
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