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Extreme Activities

Few years back, thrilling trekking experience largely dominated the tourism activity in Nepal. Coping up with the changes in the fast paced world, Nepal has succeeded in adding several nerve wrangling extreme sports like bungee jumping from one of the tallest cliffs in the world, para gliding with birds, mountain flight over the colossal mountains and the exhilarating ultra light flight experiences to its tourism industry which has made Nepal ‘Mecca’ for extreme sports seeker.
‘Trek Nepal’ is offering wide range of extreme sports activities that are bound to test your endurance skills. Let us help you find your lifetime adventure that will be full of experiences that gets etched in your memory forever.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal:
We daily receive loads of mails asking us the common question- “what is bungee jumping?”
Well, in plain terms, bungee jumping is the thrilling adventurous sport in which a person jumps off from the bungee jump locations which are generally the top of the towering structures. The elastic string is attached to either an elbow or knee of the jumper. The electrifying sensation is achieved as the cord elongates to soak the energy acquired from the fall.
Extreme bungee jump has ultimately found a natural home in the high Himalayan lands of Nepal.
Pioneer Bungee consultant from New Zealand first dreamt the possibility of bungee jump in Nepal. The Swiss Team crafted 166m wide steel suspension bridge over turbulent Bhotekoshi River linking two valleys that were separated for centuries by deep canyons. Full attention has been given to make the sport as secured as possible. To share some bungee jumping facts, the safety factor for the bridge has been kept at 4 times the actual weight of the bridge. Besides, body weight is measured and listed in either of three weight categories- light weight, heavy weight and heavier weight. People suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and epilepsy are prohibited from engaging in bungee jumping activity.
The 160m fall from the bridge to Bhotekoshi River gives one of the best bungee jumping experiences in the world.

Paragliding in Nepal:
Paragliding has currently been the most popular attractions in Nepal partaking which, the people flying a para glider enjoys the unmatched scenic grandeur of the beautiful lake city of Pokhara along with its several lakes, snow- clad mountains, monasteries, verdant woods, temples and other several natural marvels.
Brief paragliding instruction is given to you prior to taking the flight. Paragliding helmet and paragliding boots add safety to your flight and thus are enlisted as the mandatory gears for paragliding.
Learning to paraglide is an exhilarating experience by which we share the sky with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles and kites while soaring high above the villages.
Pokhara is the core area for paragliding in Nepal which takes us through the journey of surreal realm of Annapurna Region. Taking off from the Sarankot hill at Pokhara, the person flying the para glider enjoys the pleasant vistas of enchanting Fewa and other lakes and Machhapuchhre mountain before landing nearby Phewa Lake.
Paragliding is a weather dependant sports. November to February is the paragliding flying season in Nepal while November and December are the best months for paragliding in Nepal. Since no previous experience is required for paragliding, anybody with passion for adventure can enjoy the flight.
Annapurna Panorama Flights:
Considered as the most unique flying experience, Annapurna Panorama Flights commence with 20minute jeep ride from hotel at Lakeside to the hill of Sarangkot located 2000ft above lakeside which is best known for the spectacular sunrise and sunset views that it endows. Indulging in the epic views of giant mountains above 8000m height like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu Mountains, we will select the one that suits our crave for flying out of three popular packages which are named thus:

1. Cloud Buster:
It is a midday flight commencing from Sarangkot Hill that takes you into the sensational flight around the Lake that lasts from 30minutes to about an hour. The flight concludes as you land nearby the Lake area.
2. Cross- Country:
Cross- Country Flight is a bit tough flight whereby you will fly from one valley to the other and try to make a return trip back to the initial position. The bone chilling experience initiates with a flight to the Northern Pokhara towards the land of gigantic mountains.

3. Acrobatic Flying:
This is the most extreme shot of adrenaline paragliding activity in which our skilled aero pilots loop, spin and spiral through air. Lasting for mere 10 to 20 minutes, the thrilling spinning activities like ‘SAT’, ‘Wingover’, ‘Back- fly’ and ‘Tumble’ will leave you breathless nevertheless.
There also exists brief ‘Phewa Lake View’ package that lasts mere 15minutes long but leaves you with an experience that you will cherish throughout your life. Soaring above the Phewa Lake premises, you will indulge yourself in the engrossing views of temples, woods and other natural wonders before the enthralling flight meets its end nearby the Lakeside bar.

Ultra Light Aircraft in Nepal:
Launched in Nepal in the year 1996, Ultra Light Flight in Pokhara is considered as the ultimate way to confront the natural marvels in and around Pokhara. ‘What is ultra light flight?’ is the common question regarding ultra flight. Well, ultra light flight is the flying of light weight ultra light airplane that is powered with motors. The ultra light plane comes with two seat capacity out of which one is allocated to the pilot and the next to the passenger.
Ultra light flight which has emerged as the best alternative to traditional ‘Helicopter Tour’ gets triggered by taking off from the airstrip of Pokhara Airport which takes you through electrifying flight that offers bird’s eye views of Machhapuchhre mountain, Annapurna Mountain, Begnas Lake, Phewa Lake, Seti gorge and caves. It is the ability of Ultra Light aircraft to get closer to mountains and land in even smaller space that distinct it from other aircrafts.
The flight generally begins from sunrise till 11am and 3pm till sunset. September to June is the best period for enrolling in ultra flight package. The speed of the ultra light plane ranges from 50-130km per hour depending upon wind direction and speed.

Elephant Polo in Nepal:
Derived the basic concepts out of horse polo, Elephant polo is the sensational sport played by riding the elephant that is controlled by mahouts that uses 6foot to 10foot polo stick to hit the standard polo balls. There are four players in each team that plays on the field which gets spread in 140x70 meters of an area. The whole game of elephant polo is divided into two 10 minute chukkers of playing time and 15minutes of break is induced in between. Elephants and sides are changed after the interval.
Emerged from Meghauli of Nepal, the sport of polo is played under the strict rules formulated by World Elephant Polo Association(WEPA) that encourages fair play and welfare of elephants. Tiger Tops hosts the ‘World Elephant Polo Championship’ in Nepal which is played on the field inside Chitwan National Park premises.
Elephant Polo is organized each year in Nepal which usually is held in between last week of November to the first week of December.
Elephant Polo is able to magnetically attract several sports loving tourists from all around the globe which has contributed in boosting sports tourism in Nepal.
We cordially invite you to have the amazing and rare spectacle of the fun- filled sports that you will remember throughout your life.



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Trekking in Nepal refers to walking at different places that may be either easy walking trail or toughest trekking trail. It is commonly said that there is not any bad weather but the trekking will greatly affected by the dressing styles or so called inappropriate clothing. There are several type o f equipments that are absolutely necessary for the trekking in Nepal. The trekking equipments can be different according to the different types of trekking but will also differ from trekking trail, weather conditions, camping or lodging trekking and so on. The trekking equipments should be carefully observed before going for any types of trekking at Nepal otherwise it may create great problem for the trekkers to enjoy the trekking fully.
Some of the major trekking equipments that are absolutely needed for the trekking in Nepal are as follows.

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