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 Eco tourism is a form of tourism visiting at the pristine, fragile and relatively undisturbed natural areas visiting at the beautiful natural palces of the trekking regions enjoying the presence of the nature all around the region. The main purpose for the eco tourism is to make the tourist or visitors well known about the ecological conservation which later on helps for the ecological development. The ecotourism has been considered as one of the important types of tourism needed everywhere in the world because such types of tourism will encourages the people to save the nature and to promote the beauty of the natural palces of Nepal which will ultimately helps for the future generations to experience and enjoy the untouched places of the trekking regions.
Generally Eco tourism indicates with the tourism dealing with the natural elements without any disturbances of the man in its original presence. Ecotourism actually indicates the trekking at different destinations where the trekkers can get the full opportunity to enjoy the great presence of the flora and fauna along with the cultural and natural heritages and the local settlements of the people. The main intention of the ecotourism is to take the trekkers far away from the human beings and make them realize about the human effect on the natural environment. The ecotourism programs will helps for the reduction in the negative aspects of the conventional tourism on the environment and to enhance the cultural integrity of the local people. Therefore the factors like recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation; creating economic opportunities for local people are the integral part of the ecotourism.
Ecotourism in Nepal will always try to promote the natural presence of the trekking trail at is original position. The eco tourism used to follow the principle of the greenery and where there is greenery there should be peace and happiness. Thus, ecotourism believes in maintaining the nature at its own stage without disturbing its natural presence with any external or artificial affects. Ecotourism condemned the trekkers and the concerned authorities of the trekking and tourism of Nepal to prevent and preserve the original presence of the nature without any out disturbance.